Wood Flooring Installation
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Deciding to install wood flooring in your home is a decision that will last as long as the home itself. That is why you want to choose an installer with the technical knowledge and experience to ensure you are getting the quality you deserve. Prestige has years of experience installing all types of wood flooring so you can be confident your installation will be superb. Whether it’s a prefinished wood floor such as Bruce Wood Flooring, Mirage Wood Flooring or it’s an unfinished wood floor, Prestige does it all!

Here are just some of the things Prestige Wood Flooring can do for you:

♦ Confirm your installation appointments
♦ Show up on time
♦ Bring wood flooring samples to your home
♦ Have a trained professional help guide your decisions
♦ Give you a FREE Proposal the same day (not an estimate!)
♦ Supply and deliver all materials to your home
♦ Move your furniture for installation
♦ Remove old floor coverings
♦ Identify moisture related issues
♦ Clear all debris after the installation is completed
♦ For unfinished wood installation, create custom stain colors
♦ Transform your stair treads from pine to beautiful solid oak
♦ Install moldings along the floor
♦ Complete your installation project on time
♦ Guarantee our work
♦ Follow up to make sure you are happy with our service

We provide this level of customer service because we believe it is what you deserve!

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Solid Wood Floor Installation

• Available in either prefinished or unfinished wood.
• Solid wood is usually nailed down.
• Available in many different wood species.
• Can be installed on any wooden subfloor that is on or above grade.
• Solid wood can be refinished 4-5 times professionally, which means it can last several decades in a home.

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Engineered Wood Floor Installation

• Available in prefinished or unfinished wood.
• Available in many different wood species.
• Can be glued down, nailed or stapled.
• Can be installed in all areas of a home including basements.
• Looks and feels exactly like solid wood.
• In many cases, can be sanded and refinished just like solid wood flooring.
• Is more dimensionally stable than solid wood.

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Floating Wood Floor Installation

A floating installation is a floor that is not secured to the subfloor. It is available as a prefinished product, and is available in many wood species, including laminate floors and some types of engineered prefinished wood. Typically these types of floors have a special milled interlocking sytem built in, normally referred to as Lock and Fold, which can be installed in all areas including basements.

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Wood Floor Repairs

Whether you are looking to add a room or repair water damage, Prestige Wood Flooring has the ability to identify the existing wood species and make repairs that will match when the project is complete.

Our Products

Prestige has many years of experience working with the prefinished wood manufacturers. We work with the following manufacturers, who have proven to be among the best in the industry.




Baltic Wood


Indus Parquet